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Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look For In A Moving Company?

When hiring a Houston Moving Company there are three major factors to check. They need to be licensed and insured. Just because someone has a truck or trailer doesn't necessarily make them a mover. These "companies" will never have insurance. If there is a damage claim, if something happens to your possessions, they will not pay. They are also operating illegally if they do not have the proper registrations and licenses. When you hire a moving company you want to make sure they actually know what they are doing. Many people don't recognize it but moving is a skill. It takes many months of experience to pack and load a truck properly. Movers of Houston will save you money and will also save you a substantial amount of time.


How Long Does It Usually Take To Move? 

This depends weather conditions, size of your shipment, time of year, time required to load and unload, and the direction and distance your shipment is traveling. Movers of Houston has its own computer-assisted dispatching system.


When Should I Call?

We recommend you call as soon as possible because we service all customers on a first come, first serve basis. Since we have some of the best rates in town we fill up very quickly. Our busiest times are weekends, the weekend are our busiest times, so call early and reserve your move today.


Do I Really Need An In-Home Estimate?

No, a Movers of Houston agent will make an over the phone survey of your items. A pre-move survey is needed so we can determine approximately how much it will cost. There is no charge for the estimate.


What About My Appliances?

Electrical or mechanical (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc.) appliances require different packing to keep them stable. Moving parts such as (motors, washer drums, icemakers, etc.) should be securely fastened before it is moved. Gas appliances need to be disconnected before your move.


Can I Pack My Clothes In A Chest Or Dresser Drawers?

You can pack lightweight clothing (shirts, sweaters, socks, etc.) by leaving them in the drawers. Please do not fill the drawers with large or heavy items (books, table linens, etc.) since these can damage the inside of the furniture during the move. Please DO NOT leave fragile items, valuables, or liquids in the drawers.


Do we do flat rate moves?

We don't do flat rates moves since there is usually quite a bit of miscommunication about items not listed on our original curated shipping list. This can cause additional charges during your move. It is easier for the customer to choose which items are most important since we charge on an hourly basis.


What will happen if something breaks?

Standard liability automatically covers all moves, which is $0.60 per pound per article. This amount will not replace the item, but will cover the cost to repair it. Pre-packed boxes cannot be claimed unless there is obvious mishandling. The original packaging must be kept and you need to let your movers know right away. Movers of Houston reserves the option to send a repair man out in-place of a weight payout (depending on the extent of the damage). This can work out for both parties.

Movers of Houston carries this coverage and there is no cost to the customer for this.


Do we offer additional coverage?

Yes, Movers of Houston can have a higher liability than the standard valuation, and charge for the additional liability valuation. This is NOT full value insurance coverage. This is a cheaper alternative that will basically pay to fix/repair items. If everything else fails, min payout will be $.60/lb per item. (MOH decides)


Should I Tip?

Like any employee in the service industry (cab drivers, waitresses, etc.) it is customary to tip movers. If you feel the movers did a great job, worked hard, or took care of you, then a tip is greatly appreciated.


What don't you move?

We are unable to move grand pianos, motorcycles, firearms, jewelry, or medications. Lawnmowers and weed-eaters must be drained. No flammable, caustic, or toxic items.

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